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I have worked with some of the most successful leaders, getting them interviews at Amazon, Microsoft, and other Fortune 500 companies. I’ve helped program managers, tech directors, and strategic executives increase their salaries by over 100% in 3 months.


If you told me years ago that being Head of HR would be the secret formula to unlocking executive doors for job seekers… I would not have believed you.


When I was browsing through hundreds of resumes, there were days when I grew so frustrated that I would go on LinkedIn to search for qualified candidates, ignoring the stack of 200+ submitted resumes. 


“Helene helped me modernize my job search, and engagement went up about 400%. That's not a typo.” Software Engineer 


Few of the resumes I read were strong, most were unclear, and some were even in other languages. All these resumes made the same common mistakes:


  • Every resume had at least 2 of the following adjectives: “results-oriented, motivated, dependable, data-driven, and customer-centric.”

  • John said he managed a team, but he never mentioned if it was 2 people or 40 leaders, and that small detail could have been the differentiating factor that got me to call him in for an interview.

  • Justin said that he developed a successful strategy, but he didn’t explain what the purpose of that strategy was and what problems that strategy solved. If he did, he would have stood out from the crowd and gotten called in for an interview.

  • Every role read like a job description on LinkedIn. Did Emily really do every single bullet point for 40-60 hours per week? 


I spoke to many candidates that did very well in their interviews, however, they rarely conveyed this same relevant information on their resumes.


That is WHY Career Consulting by Helene Vo was born.


Today, I apply these insights to get my clients callbacks in the most competitive hiring environments within days. 


"I was able to find an exciting position with a very exciting company with a huge pay raise (45%)." Mid-Level Data Professional 

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