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  • Why should I work with you (vs other career coaches or resume writers)?
    I leverage my 8+ years of HR experience (I have used an ATS to screen resumes) to integrate recruiting insights into my resume writing and career strategy methodology. I use a reverse engineering approach to optimize the alignment between your skills and target roles. I take a deep dive into your experience through questions that uncover the How, Why, and Results beyond the What (the job responsibilities). As an HR manager, I have transitioned industries from healthcare to tech. I have successfully pivoted my career from Head to HR (employee) to a career strategist (founder and owner).
  • How does the resume writing process work and what are the timelines?
    The Intake: I will send you a preliminary questionnaire to be filled and ask you for your most current resume. The Resume Draft: Once I receive all the information, your first draft will be ready within 3-5 business days. The Revisions: I will provide you with a total of 2 rounds of revisions after the first draft to ensure accuracy. The Project Period: All services expire within 45 days from the Effective Date.
  • Can you guarantee that this process will get me interviews and/or offers?
    I use my expertise to develop strategic and optimized tools (resume, LI profile, and cover letter) based on your career goals. However, ​​no standard results are guaranteed as results differ based on individuals, their specific circumstances, the effort they put in, and the market landscape.
  • Have you worked with people with my background and/or in my industry?
    I work mainly with mid to senior levels of professionals across organizations and industries. Unfortunately, industry expertise is not sufficient to develop an effective resume because we need to showcase your specific experience (and not any program manager or tech leader) based on your goals. I use a deep-dive process to uncover all relevant information to produce content and re-position it at the intersection of your experience and your target jobs.
  • Will I be able to use the documents and tools to go through the job application process on my own?
    Yes, I work in a way that aims to empower you moving forward and be as self-sufficient as possible.
  • If I only use one round of revisions during the resume writing process, can I save the second one for a later time?"
    No, the revisions are meant to address minor edits and changes to finalize your documents. For additional versions, the strategy will need to be modified, therefore, they come at an additional cost.
  • What if I am unhappy with the process?
    My goal is for you to get results with the tools that we developed and satisfied with the process itself. I am happy to answer questions before and throughout the process. Refund is only available before delivery of any work.
  • Can I get a sample of your work?
    Absolutely - please contact me directly!
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