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I am Helene Vo.


I have been in your shoes, I have been coached myself, and I don’t want others to do this alone. It’s draining and, let's be honest, it's not fun.  I am here to bring clarity and strategy to your career journey, so you can get to your next stop.  


Because together, it will be easier.


How I Can Help You

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"Writing about yourself in a professionally accurate way is a daunting process. Ms. Vo was prompt, helpful and polite throughout the whole process. Her patience and guidance helped lessen my anxiety, and her questionnaire turned the process into a positive learning experience about myself. My gratitude exceeds me."

"I was having trouble getting traction with the positions I wanted for a long time, and was connected with Helene on Linkedin. Once we worked through my resume, I immediately started getting opportunities and interviews with Fortune 500 companies that previously wouldn't give me the time of day. More than that, Helene was able to draw out and celebrate my accomplishments, and built confidence in my interviews. I have recommended Helene to several friends who are also moving through the interview process with other companies."

"Helene impressed me by how thorough she was in gathering my previous work experiences and leveraging those details into marketable skills for new opportunities. My new resume feels extremely personalized and has already had success in landing several interviews at major companies in less than a month since working with Helene."

“Hello Helene!  Oh my GOSH I love my resume!  Thank you SO much! “